T-Mobile Home Internet Review: Plans, Prices And Speed 2024 (2024)

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Our Verdict

In a market often riddled with confusing contracts and hidden fees, T-Mobile’s approach to home internet is refreshingly simple and transparent. A straightforward pricing model puts the customer first, with a flat $50 monthly fee and no sudden price hikes. The fact that there’s also no data cap is another huge plus, freeing users from the worry of overage charges.

T-Mobile Home Internet shines in its ease of setup and use. The wireless nature of the service eliminates the need for a technician’s visit, and with the plug-and-play Gateway device, you’re online in no time.

Now, the speed and reliability of your connection heavily depends on the strength of T-Mobile’s 5G or 4G LTE network in your area. Thus, while some users may experience blazing-fast speeds, others may find their service to be average, at best. However, with T-Mobile’s growing network coverage and continuous improvement, this downside could lessen over time.

While it may not be the perfect fit for everyone, particularly those in areas with weak T-Mobile coverage, many will find T-Mobile Home Internet to be a reliable, cost-effective solution that aligns with their needs. All in all, T-Mobile Home Internet represents an exciting evolution in the ISP market, and we’re eager to see where it heads next.

*With AutoPay or $55 without AutoPay


  • No long-term contracts
  • Unlimited data
  • Affordable pricing


  • Potential for spotty service
  • Slower internet speeds
  • Inconsistent availability

Table of Contents

  • T-Mobile Internet at a Glance
  • Other Benefits
  • Fine Print
  • How T-Mobile Stacks Up
  • Is T-Mobile Right for You?
  • Methodology

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T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet, the telecommunication giant’s solution for residential connectivity, taps into a vast 5G network to deliver high-speed internet. At $50 per month, T-Mobile is the most widely accessible top 5G home internet provider. With a growing subscriber base, now exceeding three million customers, T-Mobile’s strategy to move into the home internet market is off to a fabulous start.

However, as with all things network-dependent, the speed and quality of connection offered by T-Mobile’s Home Internet will still be dependent on T-Mobile’s coverage in your specific area. While top high-speed internet companies continue to push for better and better speed, could T-Mobile replace your current internet service provider? Let’s dive into T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service to help you better understand the coverage options and whether or not it’s right for your household.

T-Mobile Internet at a Glance

T-Mobile Home Internet service, powered by an evolving 5G network, offers a straightforward package with plenty of benefits. Here’s what the company offers:

  • Reliable internet at only $50 per month
  • For those already using T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX mobile plan, the cost is reduced to $30 per month
  • 5G connectivity where eligible
  • Fallback to 4G LTE in regions where 5G coverage is not yet available
  • Price lock guarantee
  • No contracts or data caps
  • No equipment fee

15-Day Home Internet Trial

Ready to explore the internet service that fits your needs? The T-Mobile 15-day Internet Test Drive is an excellent opportunity to do just that. After you subscribe and activate your internet on a qualifying plan, you become eligible for a one-time bill credit covering the entire amount if you decide to cancel the service within the first 15 days of activation.

Whether you choose to sign up online or in-store, it’s crucial to promptly set up your T-Mobile box upon receiving it to maximize the benefits of the entire trial period. This risk-free trial ensures that you can thoroughly assess the quality and performance of your T-Mobile internet plan without any financial commitment.

Internet Speeds and Data

According to T-Mobile, the company’s 5G Home Internet customers typically experience download speeds between 72 and 245 Mbps and upload speeds between 15 and 31 Mbps. While these figures may not represent high-speed internet, they provide adequate bandwidth for common online activities like streaming video, web surfing, remote work and most types of online gaming. T-Mobile’s offering could be a cost-effective solution for households with modest internet needs.

It’s worth noting that while these figures represent the typical range, about 25% of T-Mobile’s customers may see speeds below this range, and another 25% may experience speeds above it. As with any service delivered via a cellular network, speeds can fluctuate due to various factors affecting the network.

Despite the potential variability, the absence of data caps remains a steadfast feature of T-Mobile’s offering, allowing users to enjoy their internet connection without the concern of overage charges. This means unlimited streaming potential for you and your household each month—a significant advantage over competitors who often incorporate data limits into their contracts.

Connection Types Offered

T-Mobile is committed to technological advancement, and the company’s wireless 5G Gateway is a great example of this. Harnessing the power of 5G technology, this service promises faster internet speeds and significantly reduced latency. The enhanced speed and responsiveness contribute to a seamless and powerful online environment, ensuring users can engage in online activities such as streaming high-definition content, online gaming and video conferencing without any issues.

The company has also embarked on an extensive initiative to broaden its 5G network coverage. It is now available to over 50 million households nationwide, reflecting their commitment to widespread accessibility. You can check on the company’s website to see if it’s available in your specific area.

The convenience of this wireless internet service is further enhanced by the easily installable 5G Gateway featuring Wi-Fi 6 technology. The device, functioning as both a router and modem, is promptly delivered to your doorstep and is designed to extend wireless internet coverage throughout your entire home.

Set-Up Process

T-Mobile has made its home internet setup process seamless. The wireless service eliminates the need for scheduled technician visits or complex line installations. After signing up for the service, T-Mobile customers receive a gateway device that is truly plug-and-play.

Users plug in the gateway device, log into the T-Mobile Internet app and follow the on-screen instructions. Within moments, your home will have robust Wi-Fi coverage.

The app then becomes the hub for managing your internet experience.For families, it provides options to set parental controls, ensuring a safe browsing environment for children. Additionally, it allows users to monitor their internet connection and speed, giving insight into the quality of service.

T-Mobile State Availability:

T-Mobile is available in all 50 states. However, T-Mobile rolled out home internet service on a city-by-city basis, so you’ll be more likely to have service near a major or mid-sized city. You can check availability using T-Mobile’s website.

Other Benefits

T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service provides more than just connectivity, with benefits like:

  • Worry-free trial period: T-Mobile offers a 15-day, worry-free trial period. If the service doesn’t meet your needs, simply cancel within 15 days of activation to receive a full refund. It’s a no-strings-attached opportunity to evaluate the service, although you’ll need to return the gateway device promptly and note it’s a one-time offer for qualifying new homes.
  • Zero cost to switch: If cancellation fees with your current ISP have been holding you back, T-Mobile has a solution. They offer to cover up to $500 in termination fees from your old internet service provider, providing financial relief. While you’ll need to bear the cost initially, T-Mobile reimburses you through a prepaid virtual card.
  • Exclusive internet deals: T-Mobile offers a free Instacart+ membership and $100 grocery credit, free MLB.TV subscription, significant discounts on Nest Wi-Fi routers and a free Ooma Telo Air device (valued at $129.99) when signing up for Ooma Premier for 18 months. Users receive a $50 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® after one month of service. These deals vary, so check T-Mobile’s website for the latest deals.
  • Free equipment: To top it off, the 5G Wi-Fi gateway comes at no additional cost and has free shipping.

Fine Print

When evaluating any service, the fine print often holds critical details. Signing up for T-Mobile’s home internet service is no different, but here’s a pleasant surprise: There’s not much to review.

The company does offer a price lock guarantee. It’s T-Mobile’s commitment that the price customers agree on at sign-up will remain the same for as long as they’re customers. This means no unexpected fee hikes or hidden costs that often cause bill shock in consumers.

The price lock guarantee is T-Mobile’s promise of billing transparency and consistency. It’s one of the many ways T-Mobile stands out in the home internet service landscape, offering customers financial security and predictability. This is particularly significant in an industry where fluctuating prices are more the rule than the exception.

T-Mobile Internet Pricing

T-Mobile cuts through the complexity often seen in home internet service pricing with its simple one-plan offer. For $50 a month, customers receive internet service and a free gateway device that serves as a combination modem and Wi-Fi router.

This direct, no-frills pricing is among the most significant advantages of T-Mobile’s 5G home internet. Contrary to many cable internet service providers (ISPs), there are no dreaded second-year price increases, binding contracts, restrictive data caps or added equipment fees to contend with. T-Mobile’s Home Internet plan is unique because of its simplicity. There are no hidden fees, just one plan and one price.

How T-Mobile Stacks Up

CompanycompanylogoLowest Price AvailableCustomer RatingNationwide AvailabilityLearn More CTA textLearn more CTA below textLearn More
T-Mobile Home InternetT-Mobile Home Internet Review: Plans, Prices And Speed 2024 (3)$50.00GreatExcellentLearn MoreOn T-Mobile's Website
CenturyLink InternetT-Mobile Home Internet Review: Plans, Prices And Speed 2024 (4)$50.00GreatGreatLearn MoreOn Century Link's Website
Cox CommunicationsT-Mobile Home Internet Review: Plans, Prices And Speed 2024 (5)$49.99GreatOkayLearn MoreOn Cox' Website

Comparing T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service to traditional ISPs like CenturyLink and Cox Communications requires consideration of several factors:

Pricing and Contracts

T-Mobile stands out with its straightforward, contract-free pricing. You get the service for $50 a month with no second-year price hikes, data caps or equipment fees. CenturyLink’s cost is competitive, but prices increase after the first year, and there may be data caps and equipment rental fees. Cox’s pricing is also competitive, but the rate may increase after the first year.

Speed and Reliability

While T-Mobile promises speeds between 72 Mbps and 245 Mbps, the actual speed relies heavily on the local 5G network. CenturyLink and Cox offer various speed tiers, with fiber options reaching up to 940 Mbps. Regarding reliability, cable and fiber connections usually have an edge over 5G due to less susceptibility to weather conditions and network congestion.


As of 2023, T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service covers around 50 million homes, but availability is still subject to local 5G coverage. CenturyLink and Cox have a broader coverage footprint due to their established infrastructure, but availability varies by region.

Customer Service

While customer service experiences can vary, T-Mobile generally receives high marks in customer satisfaction surveys. Cox and CenturyLink have mixed reviews in this area.

In conclusion, T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service offers an affordable, easy-to-set-up option, especially for those in well-covered 5G areas. Traditional providers like CenturyLink and Cox may be more suitable for high-demand users or those seeking bundled services. It ultimately boils down to individual needs and local service availability.

TV & Cable Bundles

Although T-Mobile is unlike a traditional ISP or cable company, they offer a streaming television service called T-Vision Home for customers to enjoy. With this service, you can watch live TV channels and on-demand content over the Internet, instead of through traditional cable or satellite TV services. Depending on your chosen T-Vision program, ranging from$10 to $60 per month, you can enjoy 10,000+ on-demand shows and movie titles, live sports, local broadcast stations and more.

With T-Vision Home, you can also enjoy a diverse range of viewing options on your smart TV. It’s compatible with platforms like Android TV and Fire TV Edition, so you can choose the device that works best for your home entertainment system. The streaming device options are equally extensive, encompassing Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Fire TV and the T-Vision Hub designed specifically to run on the Android platform. To enhance flexibility, T-Vision extends its compatibility to phones and tablets, supporting Android devices like phones and tablets as well as Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone. This ensures a seamless experience across a variety of devices.

Internet & Wireless Bundles

T-Mobile’s bundled services offer customers a cost-effective approach to accessing home internet and mobile services, all provided by one carrier. Combining your T-Mobile cell service with a high-speed 5G home internet plan allows you to optimize the overall connectivity experience and access some of thebest internet bundle deals available. Check its website for current bundle offers.

Is T-Mobile Right for You?

Determining whether T-Mobile Home Internet is the right choice for you depends on your individual internet needs, local network coverage and personal preferences.

T-Mobile Home Internet can be a compelling option for those looking for straightforward, affordable internet service, especially those in strong T-Mobile 5G coverage areas.

However, it might not be the best choice for users with high-speed internet needs or those in areas with weak T-Mobile coverage. As always, it’s wise to evaluate all available options in your area before making a decision.


To determine the best internet providers ranking, the Forbes Home editorial team analyzed 21 major internet providers, with each provider’s star rating determined by evaluating a variety of metrics including:

Plans (37%)

The types of plans an ISP offered garnered the most attention in the ranking. Each ISP had its lowest priced plan, highest priced plan, contract requirement, pro installation availability, self-installation options, unlimited data plans and bundle plans availability evaluated on a scale. Lowest and highest priced plans grabbed the most attention with contract requirements while installation options factored less.

Customer Reviews (18%)

Customer ratings account for 20% of the total best internet providers ranking. Each company’s ratings were evaluated on a variety of platforms like the BBB, Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs and Google. Each review site had a grading weight associated with it and those companies with better BBB ratings and accreditation rated higher than those with lower marks.

Availability (15%)

Nationwide coverage is paramount when it comes to which internet provider is best for you, which is why it accounts for 15% of the ranking. The more states a provider covered, the more points it gained.

Features (14%)

Features took a look at download speeds offered by each ISP. The fastest advertised download speed and the minimum download speeds received a weighted grade while those providers who offer fiber received a boost.

Customer Support Options (12%)

Choosing among the best internet providers involves ensuring that each customer receives the best user experience and can troubleshoot issues with customer support easily, which is why this category makes up 12% of the total ranking. Features like live chat (pre-sale), phone service, knowledge base, community forum and informational blog either gained or lost a company points based on what it offered.

Expert Score (4%)

Companies also benefited from our experts’ analysis for having outstanding service and others lost out due to significant deficiencies, like poor reviews, slow speeds or a lack of services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is T-Mobile Internet a good deal?

Yes, T-Mobile Home Internet can be a great deal for many customers, given its straightforward, affordable pricing and lack of hidden fees. Customers get a competitive broadband service for $50 per month, with average download speeds ranging between 72 Mbps and 245 Mbps. Plus, there are no data caps, and the service comes with the added convenience of a wireless setup.

Can I get T-Mobile Internet without a phone line?

Absolutely. T-Mobile Home Internet is a wireless service that relies on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks rather than a traditional phone or cable line. Once you’ve received your Gateway device, it’s as simple as plug-and-play.

How much does T-Mobile Internet cost?

T-Mobile Home Internet service costs $50 per month. For this price, you receive internet service and a gateway device that acts as both a modem and a Wi-Fi router. Additionally, if you bundle it with T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX phone plan, the cost drops to $30 per month.

T-Mobile Home Internet Review: Plans, Prices And Speed 2024 (2024)


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