Met Office weather maps turn orange as 22C 'heat bomb' hits - list of hotspots (2024)

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The latest Met Office forecast is predicting that large parts of the UK will see warm 22C temperatures - find out the forecast for your area.

By Sam Ormiston

The Met Office has predicted that some parts of the UK will see temperatures skyrocket in a matter of hours, after a disappointing start to July.

Weather maps published by the forecaster have revealed the full list of hotspots expected to see the warmest temperatures, with large parts of London and the south east of England including some towns and cities in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire, expected to see the mercury rise to 22C.

Some of the areas likely to see temperatures soar include London, Peterborough, Cambridge, and Ely in Cambridgeshire.

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Met Office weather maps turn orange as 22C 'heat bomb' hits - list of hotspots (3)

London, Peterborough and Cambridge will see the warmest temperatures (Image: Met Office)

King's Lynn, Saffron Walden, Feltwell, Chelmsford, Thetford, Norwich and Huntingdon will also see hot 22C temperatures at 4pm on Wednesday, July 10, according to the latest weather charts.

The South West of England will see temperatures a little lower, hovering around the 19C mark in the likes of Plymouth and Totnes, but is expected to hit highs of 21C in Exeter. Moving further east along the south coast, it will also reach 20C in Chichester, 18C in Southamption and the Isle of Wight, and 19C in Bournemouth.

Wales will see highs of 18C in the likes of Carmarthen, Cardiff and Pembroke, while Hereford, Worcester, and Gloucester is expected to see highs of a balmy 20C.

Cities as far north as Lincoln and Hull will see highs of 20C, while it will reach 17C in Newcastle, 15C in Edinburgh, 17C in Glasgow and 16c in Manchester and Blackpool. Temperatures will be cooler in the north of Scotland, where a weather warning is in place for rain on Wednesday evening.

Met Office weather maps turn orange as 22C 'heat bomb' hits - list of hotspots (4)

Sunshine and clouds is the forecast for most of the UK on Wednesday (Image: Met Office)

It comes as parts of the UK have been slapped by weather warnings, with parts of the country being warned that deep floodwater could cause a risk of "danger to life" in the coming days.

The Met Office has issued yellow rain alerts for five UK regions including three parts of Scotland - Grampian, Highlands and Eilean Siar, and Central, Tayside and Fife - which are expected to bear the brunt of the wet weather with up to 90mm of rain expected to fall.

A 26-hour warning is in place between 10pm on Tuesday, July 9 and 11.59pm the following night. Meanwhile tonight (Monday, July 8), flooding and power cuts are likely in the south of England, in the regions of South West England and London and South East England.


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    Met Office five-day forecast


    Turning wet and windy from the south, showers elsewhere.


    Sunny spells and showers will continue across northern areas. Further south, after a dry start, it will turn wet and windy from the southwest, with some heavier bursts reaching Devon and Cornwall during the evening. Feeling warm in any sunshine.


    Monday, July 8 until Friday, July 12

    Showers across the north will ease with clear spells developing. Cloud and rain across the south spreading northwards, reaching northern England and Northern Ireland by dawn.


    Areas of rain, locally heavy will move northeastwards, skies brightening from the south with heavy showers developing in places. Temperatures near average but feeling warm in the sunshine.

    Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

    Remaining unsettled as low pressure tracks northwards Wednesday. Further outbreaks of rain likely Thursday but some warm sunny spells around too. Similar on Friday, perhaps turning drier from the west.

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    Met Office weather maps turn orange as 22C 'heat bomb' hits - list of hotspots (2024)


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