'Are you sure it wasn't doing that before?': Woman takes her Toyota 4Runner into Mavis and can’t believe what mechanics missed (2024)

A Mavis customer is blasting the discount tire (and oil change) establishment, claiming that workers at the store overfilled her Toyota 4Runner’s engine with oil, but were immediately dismissive of her concerns.

Powerlifting Portagee (@powerlifting_portagee) posted a viral TikTok about her experience where it has since earned more than 74,000 views as of Saturday.

“This is why I have such a hard time trusting mechanics,” she begins. “So Friday I brought my car to a Mavis, just for like a routine oil change and brakes and rotors. So, drop it off, pick it back up, they’re like oh you’re all set so, I get in my car, turn it on, instantly feel like my car’s struggling to stay running.”

She says she would’ve taken her car back immediately but it was too close to closing time. She figured the issue would work itself out but on the way home, her car “stalled twice.”

“I’m like what the f*ck, what the hell it’s a Toyota 4Runner, automatic, you know?” she says. “So those things don’t die.”

The TikToker says she called the mechanic and told them of the issue. Their response, however, surprised her.

“They’re like, ‘Are you sure it wasn’t doing that before?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, it’s it absolutely, like, I’ve had this car for three years, like I know exactly what it feels like to drive. It’s never done this!’”

She says the mechanic denied it was a result of anything they had done.

After putting fresh gas in the car and seeing that it didn’t fix the issue, she says she checked the oil dipstick. This is when she was able to spot the issue.

“You know how there’s a little bottom holding the dipstick and the top and the oil’s supposed to be in between those two?” she says. “Well, it was way off. Like they overfilled the f*ck out of my car.”

The TikToker says she took her the Toyota 4Runner back to the mechanic and they took some of the oil out.

“They took some of the oil out, re-did the oil…but funny, it works perfect now,” she says as she flips off the camera. Her video transitions to a picture of the dipstick in question which shows the dipstick indicating that the car was, indeed, overfilled.

She added in a text overlay for the video, “Then when i picked it up there was oil all over the steering wheel and shifter but im just happy there’s nothing wrong with it now.”

@powerlifting_portagee Then when i picked it up there was oil all over the steering wheel and shifter but im just happy there’s nothing wrong with it now #mavis #toyota4runner #mechanic #trustissues ♬ original sound – powerlifting_portagee

Some commenters saw her video and stated they weren’t exactly confident in Mavis’ ability to effectively fix any problems with a car.

“Those people aren’t mechanics,” one person bluntly wrote.

Another replied, “Was it a mechanic…or an oil change place? because mechanics don’t work at quick lube places.”

“Mavis was the first mistake,” someone else said, implying that they wouldn’t rely on the discount tire place to provide any good work done to their vehicle.

One commenter who stated that they previously worked for Toyota said they constantly saw customers bringing in vehicles damaged from establishments like Mavis.

“I worked for Toyota for 15 years. We always get cars from those places,” they said. “At least the put oil in it.”

So what should a car owner looking to have their vehicle properly maintained do? One TikTok user had some advice: Go to experts who know the deal.

“Go to a local car show for classics and musclecars,” they advised. “Ask some owners who they use in your area. you will get best mechanics in area from these guys.”

If you’re wondering how the shop could’ve overfilled the engine with oil, one user on the app shared an anecdote of their own.

“Tthey forgot to drain it before they filled it,I had to fix 1 another shop did that to,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Mavis, Powerlifting Portagee, and Toyota via email.

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'Are you sure it wasn't doing that before?': Woman takes her Toyota 4Runner into Mavis and can’t believe what mechanics missed (2024)


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