20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (2024)

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Cinder blocks are affordable, durable, and easy to incorporate in DIY projects. It only takes a solid dose of creativity to make clever use of these hollowed-out concrete blocks. Whether as innovative industrial decorations or inexpensive backyard furniture, there are countless ways to use cinder blocks beyond their intended purpose. Aside from its impressive durability, this material is also practical because it’s readily available in many places. You can purchase cinder blocks from many hardware stores without spending a lot of money.

Are cinder blocks safe to use in your DIY projects? Although there are many advantages, these concrete blocks can also pose some safety concerns. You should carefully check the materials used in the manufacturing process to ensure that you’re not placing any potentially toxic cinder blocks in your garden. If you’re ready to try out some great cinder block ideas, check out the following inspirational projects.

1. Planter Wall

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (1)

Thanks to the convenient dimensions of cinder blocks, as well as their stackable qualities, you can create a very stylish planter wall. This kind of project gives any gardener the opportunity to display their favorite plants in a unique way. If it seems too boring to just make a utilitarian planter wall design, you can add some creative touches. For example, consider painting the cinder blocks in a more elegant shade of dark gray or mixing things up by incorporating candle holders as well.

2. Table Centerpiece

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (2)

Cinder blocks can work amazingly well for decorative purposes with an industrial vibe. Check out this grassy table centerpiece that’s a simple yet effective aesthetic upgrade for this rustic outdoor dining area. This is simply a solid starting point but you can create your own arrangements using various potted plants. The sturdy design of a cinder block can seem a little harsh for some people but others can appreciate the contrast of wild plants and more calming elements in the background.

3. Cinder Block Bench

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (3)

If you’re tired of the traditional outdoor seating options and want to make your backyard stand out, a DIY cinder block project could be a smart solution. This is an affordable way to create a bench that will also draw the attention of guests. The project starts by building the structure of the bench. Stack cinder blocks and make use of the hollowed-out design to insert 4×4 posts. Bring in some throw pillows for comfort and aesthetic enhancement. The result is reasonably comfortable seating that’s ready for any outdoor garden party.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (4)

If you’re feeling more ambitious, consider this outdoor kitchen project. It relies on cinder blocks for the main structure to cut down on building expenses. This means you can enjoy the convenience of an outdoor kitchen without spending too much. Other elements such as chairs or decor pieces can be purchased from thrift stores. Use your creativity to design the ideal DIY outdoor kitchen for your backyard.

5. Writer’s Desk

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (5)

Who says that cinder blocks are only practical for outdoor projects? Take a look at this ingenious way to use the concrete blocks. You can build a simple yet practical desk for writing. The solid structure is a notable advantage but you can also benefit from extra storage space provided by the hollow centers of the blocks. This DIY project illustrates the convenient stackable design of cinder blocks. It’s a perfect solution if you enjoy the rough design of the industrial aesthetic.

6. Raised Garden Bed

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (6)

Cinder blocks can have many gardening applications. One of the best to consider is the construction of a raised bed to keep plants protected from weeds and excess moisture. This kind of gardening structure can be quite expensive to make unless you use DIY materials such as cinder blocks. Thanks to the practical nature of concrete blocks, they allow for creative arrangements in any shape desired. Coupled with the little prep work, this raised bed idea is a lifesaver for your plants.

7. Firewood Storage

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (7)

Here’s a great way to use cinder blocks when you need to organize firewood. With the help of an inexpensive structure based on cinder blocks, you can create a convenient area for storing all the necessary firewood used around the house. The best part is that you don’t need too many cinder blocks for this project. Also, there’s no need to worry that much about durability considering the improved strength of these blocks, capable of handling large loads.

8. Outdoor Home Bar

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (8)

Want to give a fresh look to your outdoor bar area? DIY structures can be useful to provide some extra character. Instead of traditional materials, this home bar relies on cinder blocks for its frame. This is a smart choice considering the requirement for a sturdy structure that can withstand outdoor conditions. It’s also practical in terms of costs because this DIY outdoor bar is more affordable than conventional solutions. The only difficult part is putting your creativity to work to secure the bar top properly.

9. Backyard Fence

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (9)

When it comes to cinder block DIY projects, it seems that you’re only limited by your own creativity. Check out this unique fence that adds some fresh style to this backyard patio. The blend of rustic and industrial aesthetics offers solid visual appeal. It’s another great example of using the natural construction properties of hollowed-out concrete blocks. Horizontal wood boards have been added to make this one-of-a-kind fence.

10. Potting Table

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (10)

The potting table or bench shouldn’t miss from the backyard of any serious garden enthusiast. Instead of purchasing a pre-made one, you can try a less expensive alternative by opting for a DIY cinder block project. With the help of lumber boards, you can create an ingenious combination that results in a potting table that’s both functional and stylish. Complete the look by incorporating rustic hooks and enhancing the storage capabilities of the table.

11. Birdhouse

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (11)

Although it may not seem like your first option for a birdhouse, a cinder block can work surprisingly well for this purpose. It’s only required to make a few modifications to create a welcoming nesting area for backyard birds. The good news is that you don’t have to put in a lot of DIY effort. The cinder block already has a hollowed center that can function as the interior of the birdhouse. Simply add some pine board walls and integrate a dowel rod perch.

12. Fire Pit

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (12)

Setting up your own cinder block fire pit is easy because it doesn’t require lots of extra materials or advanced building skills. The project can be tackled with nothing but cinder blocks in most cases. Whether you want to roast marshmallows or create a cozy ambiance in the backyard, the cinder block fire pit is highly recommended. There’s also the possibility of creating a larger fire pit that will serve nicely all your barbecue needs.

13. Bookshelf

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (13)

Cinder blocks can create a charming look indoors as well. It’s not just for outdoor DIY projects. Here’s a bold idea that makes use of these sturdy blocks for setting up an industrial-style bookshelf. The cold aesthetic of concrete can be warmed up with the help of the right decor pieces and textures. You don’t necessarily need to restrict cinder block furniture to industrial room designs. It can fit nicely for a cozy entertainment stand if you’re careful about incorporating the blocks with the right elements.

14. Storage Space

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (14)

If you’re running out of space to store things in the garage, pantry, backyard, or anywhere else around the household, consider a cinder block DIY project. You can make some durable shelving with the help of these concrete blocks while avoiding big investments. Another advantage of cinder blocks used for storage is customization. They can be stacked in multiple ways while you simply need to adjust the size of the wood planks to create the ideal storage configuration to match your preferences.

15. Garden Edging

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (15)

Having a nicely organized garden usually involves paying close attention to design details such as edging. You can compartmentalize the areas in your garden more easily with the help of the right edging materials. While there are many options to choose from, cinder blocks represent an innovative solution if you want a more reliable level of separation. Plants are shielded against invading pests while the added rocks create a beautiful overall edging style.

16. Cinder Block Vase

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (16)

Even if you don’t like the plain look of cinder blocks, that doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose them in creative ways. Some fresh paint is able to put any cinder block in a new light. For example, you can create a stylish flower vase with minimal effort. Add some fun paint colors and patterns to the exterior of the concrete block to minimize the industrial visual impact of the decor piece and inject some new personality into it.

17. Modern Garden Decoration

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (17)

There are many practical ways to use cinder blocks around the house. However, there are also great methods to incorporate these elements into modern garden decor styles. A nice example is this abstract outdoor piece built using multiple cinder blocks in an eye-catching arrangement. You can make it feel like a part of the garden by including a few plants in some blocks. Just make sure you’re careful during the construction process to avoid unpleasant accidents such as dropping a heavy cinder block on your foot.

18. Umbrella Weight

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (18)

One of the best features of a cinder block is its considerable weight. That allows it to contribute to the building of stable structures such as outdoor benches or other types of furniture. Another great use is to provide some much-needed stability for backyard umbrellas. Instead of using sandbags or other conventional solutions, why not make the umbrella stand out through beautifully stenciled cinder block weights? It prevents the umbrella from blowing over while adding some fresh style to the area.

19. Steps

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (19)

A solid idea for adding a sense of structural depth to the garden, cinder block steps can be reliable in terms of durability while matching a wide range of aesthetics. It could be an ideal solution for rock gardens or any backyard in need of inexpensive and practical steps. Consider filling up the hollowed centers of the concrete blocks with your choice of smaller decorative rocks that blend nicely with the look of the garden.

20. Bed Frame

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (20)

Perfect for fans of industrial design styles, this bed frame shows off some unique characteristics. Instead of regular materials, it makes use of cinder blocks that add storage under the bed. At the same time, it’s also a visual upgrade if you enjoy the idea of an industrial theme in the bedroom. Consider mixing this kind of look with an exposed brick wall and pipe fixtures to ensure a cohesive style overall.

20 Great Cinder Block Ideas - Rhythm of the Home (2024)


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