18 Best News Website Design Examples 2024 (2024)

Are you creating a news website and need some inspiration? Here are the best news website design examples online today.

News is meant to inform, educate, guide and even entertain. As it carries information about politics, economy, business, sports, trade, commerce and other interesting topics, it has become a great part of society. Hence, news plays a vital role in effective communication in the modern world. Likewise, it may influence how people think and improve general knowledge. That said, one can attest to how informative, useful and valuable news is to the local community, national and international. The good news is that, due to mobile technology, almost everyone can easily access news websites to learn the latest news. This benefits mobile users as they can read the news anytime, anywhere! If you plan to build a news website soon, you probably need to see the best designs we’ve handpicked for you!

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How to build a news website?

Below, you will see some of the best-designed news sites. But have you wondered about creating one yourself? These news WordPress themes make the process as simple as it can be.

Most news websites have a clean, minimal design that mainly focuses on the content. As a news agency, you must ensure that you have a good website to provide your audience with services. Aside from breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories, the website should also convey your brand. With a user-friendly design, clean and readable content, and interesting and compelling copy, your website will surely stand out in the competitive market.

You can choose which elements you need in this list of news websites design. Take a glimpse of the design most popular news websites use to convey their brands and stories.

Best News Website Designs

1. Newspaper (WordPress Theme)

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This is the most popular WordPress theme for news and magazine websites. It will serve you as an example of a great news website design, and you can also use it as a base for your website.

Here is an in-depth guide on creating a news website using Newspaper theme.


2. The Next Web

Made with Prismic: Headless Page Builder, Hosted with Rackspace and Cloudflare

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A well-structured website with a trendy and modern look will outshine other brands. The Next Web not only provides compelling, informative content about technology worldwide but also has a superb, excellent design. The website certainly makes its content engaging with beautiful imagery as thumbnails. It also comes with a sticky header to provide easier and visible access to visitors and increase retention. Meanwhile, it is also best for news websites to provide ad banners. The Next Web didn’t miss adding such features as it can also help with monetization to maintain the website’s existence. On top of that, this website’s social media integration will help promote them on different social media platforms. This website is also possible if a visitor wants to search for a certain topic.


3. SFGate

Hosted with Rackspace

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For news websites, you must have the best articles. However, you also have to consider the layout and readability of the website to exhibit content nicely. SFGate has a great content display where visitors can easily see the latest and most popular news. The website displays the featured news, such as the first article with a thumbnail. SFGate also uses web banners of different sizes – one on the website and the other on the side. This website implements the awesome sticky header and the amazing mega menu to provide ease of navigation for visitors. While other news website exhibits social media integration on the bottom, SFGate understands of its importance by placing them on top. Furthermore, the red “Subscribe” button is attractive and eye-catching, serving as the primary CTA.


4. BBC

Hosted with Fastly

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News websites give ample privileges to different types of audiences. Most especially these days, websites are now mobile-friendly. BBC news websites certainly provide articles or news from all over the world. It features articles on the homepage with background images so they will look engaging and interesting. BBC also embeds advert banners for brands that want to spread awareness using this news website for monetization purposes. Moreover, it features amazing video content to spread more interesting clips. Apart from that, this website integrates video files where visitors can opt for the recommended, most watched, and latest video content displayed using a beautiful slider.


5. CBS News

Hosted with Fastly

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CBS News provides well-written articles about world events like any other new website. It has a clean and comprehensive website design suits this list of best news website designs well. Knowing the importance of imagery in the content, CBS News never fails to include captivating imagery in the articles. Furthermore, videos tend to be more engaging and interesting than mere texts, this website welcomes every visitor with ample list of video contents. You can find a huge space for the featured video and the other beautifully arrayed videos using a slider. It also comes with a banner for advertisem*nt purposes. It comes in different sizes – horizontal rectangle banners and standard banners. In addition, the website also features paid content promotion.


6. The Intercept

Made with WordPress, Hosted with WordPress VIP

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Various news websites are established online. With the desire to provide the latest events happening in the world, those media companies build user-friendly websites. The Intercept embraces adorable purple as the primary color of the website, which creates a beautiful contrast with the dark-tone color scheme on the background. It also implements a featured video on the homepage with an attractive and descriptive CTA. Whether a visitor looks for news on politics, national security, environment, technology and other topics, The Intercept always tries to find the best articles for all audiences. Moreover, videos, podcasts, voices, and documents are also accessible on this website.


7. Bloomberg

Hosted with Amazon AWS

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Simple designs often stand out, especially on the web. Here’s a cool example of a simple design, Bloomberg. It defines a minimalist news website design that uses white spaces and visual hierarchy. Having various categories for articles on this website, visitors can access news in markets, technology, politics, business and other topics. Moreover, this website embraces the news ticker feature that displays or presents headlines that have become common in different news networks. Similarly, Bloomberg showcases different ads using web banners located in different sections.



Hosted with Fastly

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Websites that look trendy and modern, along with user-friendly features, definitely contribute to its success. KTLA has a trendy look and uses images to display articles attractively. It utilizes orange as the website’s tone and a black and white color scheme. As more people are drawn to videos, the KTLA news website embeds videos to make an impressive presentation. Since podcasting also helps increase traffic generation and is highly engaging, KTLA never missed adding it to the website. Moreover, it uses a sticky header to keep visitors on the website and check out other available news and events. Web banners are also added to cater to the needs of advertisers.


9. The Times

Hosted with Amazon AWS

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Excellent website designs often help create a good impression. Most news websites these days have a clean and minimalist design. The Times showcases articles along with small and medium-size thumbnails. Whether a visitor wants to read news about sports, business, the world, or other topics, The Times can deliver such news with style. It also implements a sticky bar with log-in and “subscribe” buttons. Moreover, this website provides entertaining puzzle games to visitors, such as brain trainers, sudoku, set square, and more!


10. Washington Post

Hosted with Amazon AWS

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Deliver news promptly and the audience will certainly come back for more! With the gigantic number of mobile users, as a media company, you might lose the opportunity to grow if you haven’t crafted your news website yet. These handpicked news website designs inspire you to build a seamless website. Washington Post understands the need for a minimalist design of the website. Hence, it exhibits news articles in a simple yet comprehensive way. It also displays web banners of various sizes to offer ad spots for advertisers. Furthermore, it embraces the podcasting scheme to enhance relationships with the audience. It also offers a clear distinction of the content by highlighting the sub-categories.


11. Forbes

Hosted with Fastly

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Stunning, awesomely creative design while keeping it clean and neat are the words that best describe Forbes’ website. Forbes doesn’t just build a website to deliver the news; it exists to impress a good concept of its brand. This website uses a web banner to introduce a brand promotion at the top of the page. It also welcomes visitors with a big and high-quality image as a thumbnail. Specifically, Forbes encourages visitors to join the thousands of readers using the animated counter. The social media integration this media company embraces makes it possible for the audience to visit social media platforms efficiently. What’s more? This website presents featured stories via a beautiful slider. The animation upon scrolling also looks superb.


12. Huffpost

Hosted with Amazon AWS

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When you build your website, don’t settle for less. Always opt for the best to help you achieve your goal. Huffpost is another news website design that will be a cool inspiration for media companies. The hero header exhibits a full-width image as featured news. It also suggests top stories for the visitors, along with the latest news, top videos and what’s hot. For the top videos, a series of videos are queued as a playlist where a visitor can easily pick the stories he’d like to play. In addition, Huffpost utilizes web banners to post an ad as part of its monetization. What’s more? It also uses a sticky header to improve audience retention.


13. USA Today

Hosted with Fastly

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An out-of-the-box design is truly interesting. Most significantly, when it comes to website designs. USA Today utilizes a stunning category or page transition using the next and previous buttons. Hence, you can easily transition from reading sports news to life-related articles. Like other media companies, USA Today embeds a huge web banner for an advertisem*nt. The hero header showcases a bigger thumbnail for articles with other smaller ones beneath it. Of course, you may also read different stories from different categories. Moreover, the website also features many images exhibited using a nice carousel. Check out this amazing news website design today!


14. Vanity Fair

Hosted with Fastly

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Vanity Fair is just another awesome website design that can simply inspire media companies. It is a sleek, clean and neat website that focuses on simplicity. It has a beautiful and clean center-structured design dedicated to news websites. It showcases the trending news on the sidebar, images as thumbnails on the center, and another set of stories on the other sidebar. The page is separated into three columns in the other section: news (hive), Hollywood news, and style. Vanity Fair provides a space for ads of different sizes and spots for monetization purposes. Other notable features of this news website are social media integration, newsletter subscription, video integration and many other features.


15. The Hill

Hosted with Fastly

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The Hill is another excellent and noteworthy news website that you can consider in crafting a news website. It has a great design that stands out using a white and blue color scheme. The website has a simple design with the latest articles posted in the left sidebar, the most popular posts on the right sidebar, and posts with thumbnails on the center screen. Moreover, it also embeds various video contents for different categories. On top of that, the website utilizes a sticky header for visitors to easily navigate the website. Other awesome features include a newsletter subscription, an off-canvas menu, search, social media integration, and more!


16. Aljazeera

Hosted with Amazon AWS

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Aljazeera has a clean and modern design crafted to provide a user-friendly news website. It uses huge images as thumbnails to make content more interesting. Its website implements a design hierarchy where typography is beautiful and readable. Moreover, Aljazeera embraces podcasting to provide realistic unique, valuable, and in-depth information to its audience. For monetization, this website also offers advertising services to brands who wish to advertise with the website. Other relevant website content includes documentaries, shows, opinions, and more! What’s more? This website also allows a visitor to subscribe and share amazing content.


17. RT

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News websites ought to provide the latest news articles in an engaging way as possible. In like manner, the structure and layout of the design should also look outstanding. RT is another great news website that emphasizes good functionality and clean design. It also has awesome features that impress visitors. It integrates social media for a more effective marketing strategy. Specifically, each article can be shared on various social media platforms. This way, visitors can easily spread awareness of the articles or stories they love. It also uses a news ticker to display headlines in a captivating manner.


18. World Weekly News

Hosted with Cloudflare

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Having a sleek and minimalist design, World Weekly News is the best in this list of news website designs that can inspire media companies. It welcomes visitors with stunning images that serve as thumbnails. The featured article has a bigger thumbnail than other articles. To monetize the website, it also integrates ad spots where advertisers can showcase ads on top of the page and other sections of the website. What’s more? The website also includes social media integration, sliders, and recent news for gaming, music category, health, politics, sports, technology, and more!


Which new website has the best design and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

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18 Best News Website Design Examples 2024 (2024)


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